Installation Checklist

In order to ensure superior homeowner satisfaction, we must work together. We feel our partners deserve on time and complete installation. A contract representative will confirm your window/patio door delivery dates. Scheduling of installation will be in accordance with scheduled delivery dates and lead times based on receipt of the installation checklist.

It is required to use the checklist to notify Champion Windows that the following is complete and ready for installation.

Please be sure to contact Danielle with any requested modification to installation dates.

Installation dates can be reserved once the installation checklist has been signed and faxed to Champion (661) 295-0164. If installation checklist is received within 24hrs of confirmation of delivery dates, there will be no delay of installation.

If openings are not ready for installation, installers may be required to be rescheduled; there could be a $250 trip charge to cover expenses.

Champion is proud and thankful that we can be your partner in bringing the American dream of owning a new home to our friends and neighbors. We love to give our homeowners a window to the world, even when they look past the beauty of the window itself.

Danielle Fiddler (661) 295-5930